Lower School polishes a student’s skills while continuing to inculcate the affections of the heart through
the truth, goodness and beauty of the curriculum.



Habits begun in Explorers aid Lower School students as they mature into students of skill and thought. Attention and a peaceful order are expected in the classrooms, though not at the expense of joy and laughter. Students grow in reverence for God and his creation and his Word. Always doing one’s best work pushes students to think clearly and attend to the work at hand. Teachers are always on hand to support any weakness and show that they are for these students even in a difficult task.

Proficiency in math grows as students master operations and grow in their ability to calculate “on their feet” during mental math. Timed facts test push them to speed and accuracy. Nature Study continues and students carefully examine, study and often paint the parts of trees, flowers and shrubs.  A beginning study of birds and mammals keeps their eyes on both the sky and ground during playtime. Formal science begins in Class 4 with a study of Climatology.

Reading is fluent by Class 4 and writing moves from written narration work begun in Class 2 to solid paragraph construction in Class 4.  Oral narration ability grows, as does the students’ ability to contribute to and keep a discussion moving. Oral speech grows as students contribute to the class discussion. Clear thinking is encouraged as students present opinions or ask others questions about their thinking.  These classes are becoming incubators of great questions and ideas.

The study of history captivates these students as they move through the history of the world beginning in Class 5. Literature and recitations from the various periods give students a breadth of head and heart knowledge.

Bible class moves from the Children’s Bible to ESV in Class 3 and students read and discuss as true disciples with their teacher guiding.

Poetry, Picture Study, and Composer Study continue with an emphasis on 2 of each per class.  Students recognize great works of art and music and gain the vocabulary to discuss these in a knowledgeable way. You will even find them quoting recitations at playtime or in other subjects as the opportunity presents itself.

Captivation by Shakespeare takes place every Spring as Clapham’s Middle School presents its annual production.  These students read a narrative version and perhaps memorize a sonnet.