Financial Assistance

Clapham School has a stated goal to never turn away a student because of financial need. For families who believe in the mission and philosophy of the school, financial aid in the form of Need Based Grants is available to qualifying families.



Fast Facts Concerning Financial Aid at Clapham:

  • Over 25% of Clapham families and students receive financial aid awards each year.
  • Clapham families work in full-time Christian ministry.  It is our desire to support these people in ministry through financial aid as we are able.
  • Clapham does not award aid based on an income bracket; rather, it is based on an individual family’s specific needs. This allows us to target aid packages to families that most need it. Clapham receives recommendations for the awards from an independent service known as FACTS. This approach is not only more tailor made but typically generates greater aid than multi child discounts that other schools offer for larger families.
  • If finances are the sole reason that you are reluctant to consider Clapham, we would strongly encourage you to walk through our financial aid process and see if this might be a possibility for your family. The process is listed below.

Need Based Grants: Process Steps

  1. Complete the confidential FACTS Grant and Aid Application. Clapham School has subscribed to an independent service called FACTS Tuition Aid. Based upon the information that parents submit to FACTS in the standard application, FACTS will provide the Financial Aid Committee of Clapham School with an objective evaluation of a family’s ability to absorb the costs of the private education that we provide. The process is entirely confidential and is independent.Parents may fill out the application online. Please visit FACTS and click “Applicant Sign In” and follow the directions to create a new account. There is a $30 application fee that you can pay directly to FACTS online or via check. Be sure to make a hard copy of the application before submitting it online or sending it via mail.
  2. Mail in any supporting information to FACTS. They will request federal (not state) tax forms for the previous tax year, along with the previous year’s W2 information.
  3. The Clapham School Financial Aid Committee will receive the evaluation from FACTS and make final decisions of grant awards based upon the school’s own resources to provide aid.
  4. Key Dates:
    • FACTS applications need to be submitted no later than March 1. New families are required to apply to FACTS after application is made to Clapham School. Please note that financial aid applications will NOT be considered unless the family and student(s) have already completed the admissions process (application, student testing and parent interview).
    • Current Clapham families are still required to fill out the FACTS application each year they desire to be considered for aid.
    • The Clapham School Financial Aid Committee will make recommendations and communicate decisions via letter by April 15. For applications received after this date, aid will be awarded only if there are still available funds.